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Friday, October 28, 2011

New PTU Tut Spooky Night

For this tutorial you will need the following:
Scrap kit: PTU kit Spooky Pumpkins by Creative Scraps by Crys HERE
Tube: tube of choice, I am using the Adorable art work of PinUp Toons HERE
You must have a license number to use this tube.
Font Used: Plaid
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow (Optional)

♥ Let's Get started! ♥
Open new raster layer at 800x800
For the drop shadow on evertying I am using the following settings:
Verticle: 2, Horizontal: 2, Opacity: 50, Blur: 6, color black. (you use what ever you want)
Remember to save as you go.
(*Resize everything before you start copy and pasting)
Paper 2 (resize 88%)
Element 1 (resize 34%)
Element 2 (resize 28%)
Element 3 (resize 30%)
Element 5 (resize 75%)
Element 6 (Do Not Resize)
Element 9 (resize 52%)
Element 12 (resize 20%)
Element 14 (resize 80%)
Element 15 (resize 58%)
Element 17 (resize 38%)
Element 22 (resize 66%)
Element 24 (resize 40%)
Element 25 (resize 58%)
Element 31 (resize 78%)
Element 35 (resize 78%)
Element 36 (Do Not Resize)
Element 38 (Do Not Resize)
Frame 3 (Do Not Resize)
Tube (if using the same Resize 65%)
Tube (if using the same tube Do Not Resize)

You can always refer to the sample for placement of anything!
Copy and paste paper 2. copy and paste frame 3. The next steps all go below the frame layer.
copy and paste Ele 5, drop opacity to 89%, adjust to the top right. Copy and paste Ele 14.
Add dropshadows as you go. position above the moon to the right with the branches hanging
outside the frame as in the sample.  Duplicate and mirror, moving to the left side. copy and
paste Ele 35. Move so the skulls are above the tree.  Copy and paste Ele 31. Move a bit to
the left just off center. Copy and paste Ele 12. place on the right arm of the scarecrow.
Copy and paste Ele 6. Move to the bottom of the frame. With the magic wand, click inside the
frame, selections, modify, expand by 6, invert. Start at the bottom with the paper, and hit
delete. Select the moon, hit delete, select the frame layer, hit delete. With the eraser,
select the right tree layer, erase the root, do the same to the left side too.
Selections, select none. The rest of the elements are on top of the frame unless directed to
place differently. 
Copy and paste Ele 15, using the pick tool, rotate a bit to the left
Don't forget your dropshadows. Copy and paste Ele 9, adjust to the right tree and "hang" it
from the tree.  copy and paste Ele 36. Place to the bottom right of frame.  Copy and paste
the tube, position her between the rocks of ele 36.  Copy and paste Ele 22. MOve
to the left side of the frame, place where the top of post is just above the fence level.
Copy and paste Ele 1,2,& 3. Arange the pumpkins as in the sample. Copy and paste Ele 24. Move
so the cat sits in between the pumpkins. Copy and paste Ele. 38, mirror and place so it
looks like the tube is sitting in a leaf pile.  Erase the last leaf on the left.  Now you can
add any other embelishments to your tag that you want.  I added Ele 17 and duplicated. Placing
one behind the frame and paper layers to the left by the pumpkins and then to the right
behind the tombstone. I also added Ele 25. Duplicated 2 times and placed them on the bottom
layers, see sample for placement.
crop and resize.  I resized mine to 500 Width.
Now add your name.  I used an orange color from the kit and then added a gradient glow. 
If you want to add the same follow the steps below.
Effects, plugins, Eye candy 4000, gradient glow
Glow width 3
Soft corners 25
overall opacity 100
Color black, and slide another tab to the middle.
Add your dropshadow. Add your copyrights and license for the tube.
Merge visible and save! you're done! Simple and easy. 
I would love to see what you made!
Thank you for following my tutorial!  If you have any questions please email me at



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